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In 2019, Craig Stoddard created Floppy Drive to create a one-of-a-kind musical vibe, taking elements of jazz, funk, soul, and old-school hip-hop vibes and merging that all with the future sounding electronic synths to create a unique musical sensation.

Most music producers get their first experience in the arts from a young age; Craig Stoddard is no exception. With early exposure to the piano, it was not something that stuck. As a teenager, he took up electronics. In 2019, at 26, Craig conceived “Floppy Drive” as an allusion to his love for hardware and software.

Floppy Drive sitting on yellow bench

Floppy Drive is just starting with appearances at The Intersection, Elevation, The Tangent Gallery, and a festival appearance at Big Fam Music Festival.

The culmination of 2 years of hard work, I bring my most significant release yet, “Hello, World!” A 5 track EP that traverses just a tiny sample size of the sound that is Floppy Drive. Thanks for listening <3

My Story

“Born and raised in Michigan, I began my musical journey later than most. At 6, I took piano lessons, but nothing stuck with my short attention span. I would go on to later from Michigan State University and start my career in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a Computer Engineer. With school behind me and more time to spare, accompanied by my passion for music, I decided to embark on my life’s next adventure. Thus Floppy Drive was born.”


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The man, the myth, and the mind behind Floppy Drive Music. A 1 life path born leader, Craig Stoddard, aka Floppy Drive, has paved his path with his incredibly unique sound. Taking inspiration from funk, soul and hip-hop, Craig creates a unique twist on those nostalgic sounds by fusing it with modern day experimental bass using software, and in true nerd fashion, modular synthesizers with his own custom build eurorack. 

Ian Paulsen | Profile Picture

Audience Experience & Engagement Manager | H2 | Heading

Say hello to one of the newest additions to the Floppy Drive Music Management Team!  If you know Ian, you’ve probably seen him slinging merchandise at a recent Floppy Drive Music Live Performance.  Although Ian excels in sales, he is far from a one-trick pony.  In his new position, Ian will be working closely with upper-management in order to help Floppy Drive attract, acquire new fans.  In addition to this, he will be responsible for deepening engagement with fans through several mediums such as social media, and in person interaction.  If you don’t see him at the Merch booth next show, don’t worry!  He will be hard at work socializing, engaging and ensuring that you as a fan of Floppy Drive, have a unforgettable experience.

Joseph Summers

The man who wears many hats and needs more sleep. Joseph is the Artist Manager and childhood best friend of Floppy Drive. In a nutshell, Joe handles everything and anything business related. His primary function is to run the show behind the scenes so that Floppy Drive can focus on running the show on stage. In addition, Joe created the entire digital ecosystem for Floppy Drive Music. This includes The Official Floppy Drive Music Website, The Official Floppy Drive Music E-commerce store, and the Official Floppy Drive Music Newsletter.

Joe Summers | Profile Pic

Jake Flavor | Team | H1

Audience Experience & Engagement Manager | H2 | Heading


We here at Floppy Drive Music, want to give a very warm welcome to Jake Flavor.  Jake is our new Audience Experience & Engagement Assistant Manager!  This man is a silver-tonged socialite and brilliant thinker when it comes to social media engagement.  A member of many communities in the music industry, Jake has developed quite the network.  He will play a key role in helping facilitate a quality experience for fans both on social media and in person.  Jake will assist Ian Paulsen and upper-management in continuing to attract and acquire new fans to Floppy Drive.  Moreover, Jake will help establish the engagement practices that will help Floppy Drive Music realize a community rooted in personal connections and organic, collective social growth.  We are very excited to see what Jake does in the coming months and we are thrilled to have him added to the team!

Jake Flavor | Profile Picture

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